About Us

Africa Analysis is a Research and Analysis Consulting House. Since our inception in 2002, we have completed numerous projects across the African markets in xTech Sectors.

Our Services

We provide a range of services that include Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics, Market Research, and Customer and Competitor Analysis. We have conducted market research studies, led strategy development, evaluated market opportunities, and briefed company boards on opportunities. We have also undertaken due diligence projects, developed ICT policies, valued spectrum, designed networks, and served as expert witnesses. Our varied and extensive experience enables us to meet you at your point of need.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
We support your decision making, by providing Operational-and-Business Intelligence services, as well as Customer Analytics.

Market Research
We use various data collection methodologies when we undertake in-country market surveys which include telephonic, face-to-face, and in-depth interviews, user panel research, and focus groups. Africa Analysis is a corporate member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA).

Market, Customer and Competitor Analysis

We analyse market trends by looking into customer demographics, buying behaviour, technology adoption, technology development, and consumer and business demographics. We size and forecast markets in terms of revenue and customers. We track and analyse competitors’ products, pricing, developments, market share and strategies. We analyse and assess specific target markets based on ability to buy, price sensitivity, product substitution, reach, products and service demand, and marketing messages.

Consulting Services
We help clients develop strategies, we support M&A transactions and we license bids. We assist government departments with policy and regulation development, including spectrum valuation. We provide technical due diligence, network design and costing services. We also provide expert witness services.

IP and Skills Investment

A core element of our growth is our ongoing investment in developing our intellectual property and databases that serves to enhance our project delivery capability. This investment enables us to offer unique approaches and problem solving solutions to clients.

Our Clients

Our clients include telecoms operators, IT service providers, equipment vendors, investment houses, corporate enterprises, national regulatory authorities and government departments.
All of our analysts and consultants work to develop deep relationships with clients, who have come to appreciate Africa Analysis’ straightforward and pragmatic style, and totally objective advice.

We are Curious

We are a team of curious, dynamic and dedicated individuals. We share our knowledge amongst each other and we have open conversations with facts and honesty. We care about making the best decisions possible. We care about the work you produce, not just the hours you put in.  We never give up on an opportunity to learn something new. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team.

If you think Africa Analysis is a place where you can grow and make a difference to our company, connect with us.

Africa Focus

Our focus remains on Africa, even though we have completed projects in Eastern European and Middle Eastern markets. With permanent offices in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, and a network of partnered field offices in a number of strategic African countries, Africa Analysis’ capability extends across the entire continent.

This puts us in a unique position of being one of a very few strategic market analysis companies who developed such an in-depth footprint in Africa. The projects we have taken on, have seen our analysts and consultants travel extensively across Africa. In the process, we have amassed an impressive client base and much coveted knowledge.  Our reputation lends itself to being impeccable with our word and consistent in our deliverables, which directly contributes to our African reach.

Market Experience

All Africa Analysis’ analysts and consultants spend a fair share of their time in various African countries on projects and actively keep abreast of developments in the ICT and related xTech sectors.

Our team members have extensive knowledge and understanding of the African telecommunications, IT and digital media markets, having completed numerous projects in 30 African countries and beyond. This gives us a fundamental understanding of both individual countries and regional telecommunications markets.

Collectively, we have undertaken projects in most of the African countries.

Reasons to use Us

We know and understand the ICT and xTech sectors in Africa.  Through the range of services we offer, enabled by our accomplished team, we can address your concerns quickly and provide you with accurate analysis and recommendations.  We are pragmatic in our approach, objective with our findings and candid in the advice we provide to our clients.

Deep Experience

With Africa Analysis you are in great hands.  We will partner with you in your business endeavours and through our range of services, we will meet your business needs and exceed your service expectations.  We offer on-the-ground availability and access to our extended partner network in African markets.

Our team of experts has deep-rooted knowledge in Market Research and Analysis, and we will work with you to provide advice and assistance in the implementation of your strategy. Our solutions are sustainable and we will help you navigate the complexities of the ICT landscape.

Your success is our success.  We will work through the issues alongside you and due to our unique position on the African continent, we are able to tailor our capabilities around your needs.