Benchmark Studies

Africa Analysis has developed a unique benchmark methodology that is used in our studies. We have undertaken a wide range of benchmark studies covering the following areas:

  • Country Markets
  • Data Centre Performance
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • IT Service Pricing
  • Operator Operational and Financial Performance
  • Pricing
  • Strategies (company, product, service)

Examples of the projects that we have completed include:

DSL Pricing Benchmark Analysis (African fixed-line operator)

Africa Analysis undertook a benchmarking exercise of digital subscriber line rental fees (with and without ISP access fees) at the retail level for an operator in a southern African market. A total of 15 country markets across four continents were analysed. The client used the comparative data to assess its own DSL pricing strategy, given local market conditions.

Mobile Market Benchmark Analysis

The scope of this project consisted of two objectives: (1) determine the addressable market for mobile services in the country, based on secondary data inputs; (2) benchmark the country market against similar developing markets to determine the possible path the local market could take in the future and the saturation levels that could be expected in the local market over the medium-term future. We successfully completed both objectives of the project, developing a comprehensive addressable market model and benchmarking the local market against eight other developing mobile markets, as well as several developed markets. The outputs of the model fed into the client’s budget and future strategy for competition in the market.

Telecommunications Operator Benchmark Analysis

The purpose of this project was to benchmark an African telecommunications operator against 50 international telecommunications operators who provided various services, including fixed, mobile, internet and content services. The analysis consisted of analysing the development of the various telecommunications operators’ financial performance, market share and subscriber growth. Key ratios were analysed to determine how the African operator compared to the 50 international operators. This analysis assisted the telecommunications operator to set strategic objectives for its own growth strategy.

Telecoms Operator Media Strategy Benchmarking

The objective of this project was to provide the client with an analysis of IPTV strategies (positioning and development) deployed by various fixed-line operators globally. The benchmarking analysis focused on technology as well as service bouquet deployment and coverage expansion. The competitive environment in each of the operators’ home market was also analysed in conjunction with the operators’ performance in the respective markets. Project outputs were used as input into the client’s own strategy development.