Business Case Development

Africa Analysis has developed business cases for a variety of products and services. These have included the provision of telecommunications services through to IT services, and technology-enabled services found in the adjacent vertical sectors. Our approach is tailored to meet each client’s specific requirements. We offer the following range of services:

  • Business Case Development for bids, products and product portfolios
  • Business Case Management across product portfolios
  • Due Diligence and review of business cases
Examples of business case projects are:

Business Plan Validation and Market Analysis

The crux of the project involved validation of a business plan developed by a new management team at a West African fixed-line and mobile operator, which was acquired by a large African fixed-line operator. The project included validation of revenue potential, national network coverage, service and quality improvement, and a competitive market assessment. Primary research in the local market was undertaken with industry participants in the fixed-line, mobile, data and wholesale market segments, and with a limited number of corporates. Outputs of the study and analysis were used by the client to review the client’s own business plan and make adjustments where necessary.

Carrier-of-Carriers Business Analysis

This project, undertaken for an East African power utility, was aimed at developing a carrier-of-carriers business model for an investment analysis. It required the development of a high-level demand forecast, network design and costing, and business case analysis to determine the viability of the opportunity. The outputs of the project assisted the client in making an investment decision.

Carrier-of-Carriers Business Case

This project demanded a high-level analysis of the development and viability of a carrier-of-carriers business model. The proposed telecommunications operator had planned to build a country-wide fibre optic network to provide transmission capacity to other national and regional operators. Africa Analysis’ role was to provide strategic analysis of the strategy and the likelihood of success. The client made use of our input in the business case evaluation.

Traffic Interconnect Modelling (multi-country project)

Within the realm of this project, we developed a comprehensive interconnect model and performed an analysis of an African country on behalf of a fixed-line telecommunications operator. The purpose of this analysis was to understand the market dynamics of the GSM, the fixed-line, the internet and the VSAT markets. Within these individual markets, we undertook a detailed analysis of market segments, including the payphone market. The result of this project allowed the client to thoroughly understand the telecommunications market and the traffic patterns within that market.

Telecommunications Data Licence Bid

Africa Analysis led a data licence telecommunications bid in a Middle Eastern country. The responsibilities included development of the business case, development of the marketing strategy, organisational and human resources (HR) strategy, customer relationship management (CRM), billing strategy and the operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) strategy.