Business Intelligence

We invest heavily in the development of our own intellectual property, developing market analysis methodologies and market models. We have substantial experience in the development of Excel-based models, using VBA coding for the more advanced models, and have developed models for a variety of market segments and technologies.

Moreover, we have developed and continuously maintain a number of databases, currently with a specific focus on the South African market. The databases track monthly and quarterly developments in the market in terms of new players (operators and service providers), technology deployment, products and services, and pricing. These databases include:

  • Mobile Broadband Market Database
  • Fixed-line Broadband Market Database
  • Wholesale Pricing Database

The following table shows the type of models we have developed:

IP and ModelsDescription
Strategy Analysis MethodologyA methodology designed to assist with the analysis of market participant’s strategy. The methodology is based on five pillars of competitive positioning in a market.
Competitor Analysis ModelsQualitative models and methodologies designed to analyse the competitive market landscape within various ICT markets and market segments.
Tariff Strategy MethodologyA methodology design to analyse specific product / service tariffs and develop a strategy for setting tariffs within a competitive market.
Broadband, Mobile & Fixed Tariff DatabaseA database of tariffs for broadband, mobile and fixed line services (voice and data) across all African markets.
Broadband, Mobile, Fixed Subscriber DatabaseA database of broadband, mobile and fixed fixed-line subscribers across African markets and by operator.
Telecoms Deals DatabaseA database registering merger and acquisition activity in African markets over a period of the past 10+ years, allowing trends analysis.
Telecoms M&A DatabaseThe model tracks the size of the DC services market segmented by service type, service provider (market shares), region, tier level, etc. Includes estimates of the public and hosted private cloud markets.
Data Centre Infrastructure and Services ModelThe model tracks the size of the DC services market segmented by service type, service provider (market shares), region, tier level, etc. Includes estimates of the public and hosted private cloud markets.
IT Services Market Sizing ModelThe model is designed to track the size of the IT services market by service type and service provider (market shares).
SA Telecoms Market ModelComprehensive model of the SA telecoms market with 15-year historical and 5-year forecast data reported on a quarterly basis. The data is segmented by an extensive range of reporting parameters.
Internet & Broadband Forecast ModelA model designed to forecast internet and broadband subscribers in a market, based on a number of network, service provider, market and socio-economic country parameters.
Mobile & Fixed Line Subscriber ModelsA model designed to forecast mobile and fixed line subscribers in a market, based on a number of market and socio-economic country parameters.
Addressable Market ModelA model designed to forecast the addressable market in a mobile environment, based on a number of operator, market and socio-economic country parameters.
Telecoms Traffic ModelA model forecasting total telecoms traffic in a given market by operator and on a national / international basis for incoming and outgoing traffic.
Examples of projects that we have completed include:

Internet and Broadband Forecast Model

Africa Analysis has developed an internet and broadband forecast model for major markets in West and East Africa. The models forecast the uptake of internet access services across different wireline and wireless technologies. The models also forecast churn from narrowband to broadband services across the residential and enterprise market segments. The models are segmented across technologies, market segments and operators/service provides in the respective markets. The models provide market and competitor revenue forecasts.

Mobile Subscriber Forecast and Traffic Model

Jointly with a global telecommunications consulting house, Africa Analysis recently developed a comprehensive model to forecast mobile subscriber and traffic evolution over a five-year forward-looking period. The forecasts are made for the entire markets and for client operations within the markets. The model was rolled out across the client’s Africa and Middle Eastern operations in order to introduce uniformity in forecasting to all operations.

This project also involved an extensive benchmarking exercise across a number of global operators. Data gathered through this research process serves to benchmark various client operations against other global operations.

Voice Traffic Interconnect Modelling (multi-country project)

Within the realm of this project, we developed a comprehensive interconnect model and performed an analysis of an African country on behalf of a fixed -line telecommunications operator. The purpose of this analysis was to understand the market dynamics of the GSM, the fixed fixed-line, the internet and the VSAT markets. Within these individual markets, we undertook a detailed analysis of market segments, including the payphone market. The result of this project allowed the client to thoroughly understand the telecommunications market and the traffic patterns within that market.