Competitor Analysis

Todays’ competitors come in different shapes and sizes and we often don’t recognise these competitors as competition. The ability to identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies is a critical part of your company’s strategy. The ability to determine your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service goes a long way in helping you to be more successful in the market.

Africa Analysis has undertaken a range of competitor analysis projects.

Examples of competitor analysis projects:

Competitive Market Landscape Analysis & End User Research Analysis (multi-country study)

Africa Analysis undertook a study of six countries in East – Central Africa for a wholesale operator active in this region. The study included an analysis of the competitive market landscape in each of the countries, as well as enterprise/government end-user research and analysis. The objective of the study was to map out the future demand for products and services, as well as provide inputs into the development of competitive positioning in the market for the client. Africa Analysis travelled to the respective markets to undertake extensive primary research with market players (operators/service providers) and to oversee end-user research, and developed a set of reports containing the market analysis for the client. Major operator/service provider profiles were also developed per country. The six countries were: Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

Competitive Telecoms Market Landscape Analysis and Forecast

A local fixed-line and mobile operator, expanding its operations in the Nigerian market, retained Africa Analysis to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the local voice, data and internet retail and wholesale services markets in the telecommunications sector. Africa Analysis used qualitative and quantitative analytical tools to map out the current competitive market landscape and develop a view on future evolution of the market. This was accompanied by a 10-year forecast of the voice and data markets for both fixed-line and mobile market segments, as well as a forecast of the VSAT market. Primary research undertaken in the course of this project included interviews with telecommunications operators/service providers as well as a limited number of large corporates. The project culminated in identification of areas of opportunity for further operator expansion.

Internet Market Analysis

This study undertook an analysis of the business internet user market in a major East African market. The aim of the study was to assess the current state of the internet market (and the broader telecommunications market) in terms of a competitive market landscape, as well as products and services consumed in this market by the business users. The study also assessed the potential future need for a range of internet services and access technologies. Primary research was conducted in the market with all the major telecommunications operators, data network operators and internet service providers. A set of recommendations was developed for the client. The study enabled the client to determine the size of the opportunity and to begin developing possible market entry strategies.

Utility Computing & Storage Market Analyses

Africa Analysis undertook two separate studies of the utility computing and storage markets. In both instances the analysis focused on analysing the competitive market landscape, primary target markets for such services offered by service providers, as well as a forecast of market growth and development over the medium-term future. Market demand forecasting was an integral component of this analysis. Both projects provided the client with critical informational inputs into the decision-making process on future market positioning.

Data Centre Market Analysis

The study involved primary and secondary market research to map out the current competitive market landscape in data centre services provision, determine likely future market developments, and assess drivers and inhibitors in the uptake of data centre services among end-users. Primary research involved interviews with the major providers of data centre services in the country. Secondary research included identification of global industry trends, as well as current product and service offerings in the local market. The analysis also provided input into primary end-user research undertaken to forecast the future level of demand for data centre services in the local market over the medium term. The outputs of this study assisted the client in development of his own data centre strategy.

Operator Market Share Analysis

This project’s objective was to undertake research and analysis of a southern African telecommunications market to determine the market share of a market participant across various mobile and fixed-line, voice and data market segments. Africa Analysis undertook 410 corporate interviews on a national basis to gather data on telecommunications usage and spend levels, as well as interviews with other operators and service providers in the market. Data gathered was used as input into a model developed by Africa Analysis, which provided historical, current, as well as forward-looking forecast outputs indicating the operator’s share in the various market segments. Outputs of this study were used to help shape the operator’s strategy for future participation across different market segments.