Market Research

Africa Analysis offers the full range of market research services. We have the capability to undertake market research among consumers, businesses, service providers, regulators and other key stakeholders located in various African countries. We undertake both qualitative and quantitative research.

Our analysts travel extensively in various African countries on projects, conducting supply-side and market stakeholder primary research, as well as the more complicated business end-user interviews. Through our network of field work partners across Africa, we offer the ability to undertake consumer and business end user market research projects within a country or across a number of countries. Our analysts always oversee and manage all primary in-country research.

In undertaking the market research, we use the following data collection methodologies:

  • Focus groups
  • Telephonic interviews
  • In-depth interviews
  • Online user panels

Through our network across Africa, we offer the ability to undertake market research projects within a country or across a number of countries. Africa Analysis is a corporate member of the Southern African Marketing Research Association (SAMRA).

The following are examples of market research projects we have successfully completed:

Mobile Service Demand Study (personal interviews, business and consumers)

The purpose of the project was a detailed mobile market analysis of a Central African country mobile market, using primary research as a key input. The field research, conducted in French, consisted of 30 corporate interviews and 500 consumer interviews undertaken across the country. Study results provided the client with a thorough understanding of the Central African country mobile market and served as an input into assessing the opportunity existent in that market.

Mobile Pricing Study (focus groups, business and consumers)

Africa Analysis was commissioned by a regional mobile operator to explore new product and pricing concepts among various business, consumer and government market segments. The operator commissioned eight focus groups covering various market segments. The field research undertaken in the country provided the operator the opportunity to test and refine the product concepts and value propositions, and the proposed pricing points. The output of the focus group analysis enabled the operator to launch new products at attractive pricing points.

Demand for Standards Measurement (in-depth interviews)

Africa Analysis was commissioned by the National Metrology Institute of South Africa to explore the need for various standards measurements in the deployment of telecommunications networks. The project required detailed in-depth discussions with equipment vendors, telecommunications operators, and various institutions undertaking research in the field of communications. The purpose of the interviews was to gain an understanding of how standards for equipment specification were evolving and what the needs were for the Institute to provide standards calibration services. The results of the study enabled the institution to map out their growth strategy.