Policy and Regulatory

Africa Analysis has undertaken various policy and regulatory projects. In some instances we have worked in association with specialists in larger legal teams. We have completed assignments across Africa and thus have worked across different legal jurisdictions.

Examples of policy and regulatory projects that we have completed are:

Assessment of Broadband Deployment, Nigeria

This project was performed for the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). The objective of the project was to assess the rate of deployment of broadband services across various access technologies nationally, as well as analyse the various drivers of and inhibitors to broadband network deployment by operators and uptake of broadband services by users. The project included extensive primary research among the enterprise and residential user segments, as well as primary research with all broadband operators and service providers in the country. It also involved a review of the policy and regulatory environment. The outputs of the project included recommendations on means of expediting broadband deployment in Nigeria through regulatory intervention. The client used the outputs of this study to implement additional measures to expedite broadband network deployment and the uptake of broadband services in the country.

Local Loop Unbundling Benchmark Analysis (multi-country study)

Africa Analysis was commissioned to undertake a regulatory impact assessment of the implementation of local loop unbundling (LLU) across 15 countries. The project required that we assess the impact that local loop unbundling had on the broadband wholesale and retail markets. We interviewed various national regulators and telecommunications operators to understand their views of the impact of LLU on their operations and the wider market. The work was supported through detailed analysis of the market performance before and after the introduction of the regulations. We analysed the regulatory impact on pricing, adoption of broadband and the growth in wider availability of broadband.

Regulatory Benchmark Study (multi-country study)

The objective of this project was to provide our client with a concise comparative analysis of the various regulatory regimes across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries. The output of the study enabled our client to understand how the regulatory regimes vary across the SADC countries. Africa Analysis established a regulatory assessment model that was used to analyse the regulatory regime in each country against a predefined regulatory template. This analysis allowed the strengths and weaknesses of each regime to be identified and analysed.

Spectrum Valuation and Auction Process Design

Africa Analysis, in partnership with a specialist consulting house, undertook the spectrum valuation of the 700MHz, 800MHz and 2.6GHz bands, along with an assessment of how the spectrum allocation via an auction should be structured. The project required an international review of spectrum allocation processes (various auction formats and allocation processes), the structure of spectrum lots, the spectrum valuation, determination of reserve bid prices for the different spectrum lots offered, and the recommended process by which the national regulatory authority should award this spectrum. The regulatory authority used the outputs of this project to develop an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and spectrum auction process details for the market.