Clear strategy articulation is the cornerstone of business success. Africa Analysis has undertaken a wide range of strategy-based projects that have included the following elements:

  • Analysis of existing strategy
  • Guiding strategy development within teams
  • Preparing and drafting the strategy documents
  • Undertaking external and internal strategic reviews to develop strategic options

Examples of these assignments include:

Fixed-line Operator Strategy Development (Pan-African)

A large, pan-African operator had an interest in developing a new suite of services offered to multi-national/pan-African corporations, based on continent-wide connectivity. We were instrumental in developing, with the client team, Phase 1 of the strategy process which consisted at a high level of sizing the enterprise markets across sub-Saharan markets, and identifying available network connectivity in those markets. The various markets were prioritised according to a developed matrix as potential target markets for the client. Outputs of Phase I of this strategy project were used by the client to develop a tactical action plan and progress to strategy implementation.

Mobile Operator Strategy Analysis

This project entailed a review of past strategy, as well as an analysis and formulation of future short-term and medium-term strategy for a major pan-African mobile operator. This involved close co-operation of our analysts with the client’s internal strategy team. The undertaken analysis encompassed a range of products and services (current and proposed future offerings), investigated global market trends, assessed the competitive market environment in the countries of client operations, and performed a gap analysis between the client’s skills set and the required resources and skills sets to participate in non-traditional markets. The formulated strategy was presented to a major international shareholder at the annual board meeting for scrutiny, discussion and approval.

Fixed Line Operator Strategy Facilitation

This project entailed a review of past strategy and facilitation of future strategy development. The process included development of a strategy framework, generation of content as a background and a basis to strategy facilitation, and preparation of the facilitation workshop. The process culminated in a three-day strategy facilitation workshop, in which the executive management of the fixed-line operator participated. The project assisted the operator in categorising the importance of strategic issues from a timeline perspective, focusing on issues requiring most attention and development of a medium-term strategy. We undertook this project two years in succession.

Wholesale Operator Strategic Review (Pan-African operator)

This project entailed a review of a number of business lines of a pan-African wholesale voice and data operator. The review entailed close co-operation with the operator’s internal team over a period of several weeks with the aim of categorising a number of business lines and revenue streams in terms of their importance to the company, as well as their competitive positioning in relation to other competitors in the biggest market of operations in Africa. The findings of the review were submitted to the head office of global operations in Europe for review. The project culminated in a set of strategic recommendations, which led to a rationalisation and restructuring exercise at the operator.