Technology Analysis

Africa Analysis provides technical and technology consulting services to its clients. The range of services includes the following:

  • Assistance with Technical Bid (RFP) Preparation and Evaluation
  • IT Services Specification, Deployment and Service Costing
  • Network Audits – active and passive infrastructure
  • Telecommunications Network Design, Specification and Costing
  • WAN Network Design and Costing

Examples of this type of work:

CDMA Technology Analysis

This project consisted of a technology analysis of CDMA deployment for limited mobility service application. This analysis was undertaken for a southern African country mobile operator who required an assessment of the technology, the ability of a fixed-line operator to deploy that technology and the likely services that technology could support. The analysis required a detailed technical comparative analysis between CDMA and GSM. The resultant output provided the client with an understanding of the technological and market capabilities of CDMA, and the possibility of using such a technology by a fixed-line operator to compete in the portability/limited mobility segment of the market. Consequently, the client was able to develop his own counteractive strategy.

Southern and East Africa Regional Telecoms Network Design (23 countries, pre-feasibility study)

This study was undertaken to gauge the potential feasibility, in terms of traffic volumes and revenues generated, of developing a regional terrestrial telecommunications network, spanning the majority of the East and southern African countries (21 countries in total). The project required a demand analysis of the regional international traffic that had as its output a forecast of regional traffic and associated revenues. We undertook extensive in-country travel to conduct primary research with operators and national regulatory authorities to understand the potential of using elements of existing infrastructure at the Layer 1 and 2 levels. Consequently, we developed different modelled scenarios of the super-regional network deployment. The results of the pre-feasibility study led the client to launch a full feasibility study of the conceptualised network.

Mobile Operator Network Audit

Africa Analysis was appointed to undertake an audit of the network assets following the acquisition of a mobile operator in North Africa. The project required extensive in-country travel as each mobile base station was visited, an asset register established, and each asset logged and cross-referenced against the existing asset register. The asset information was compiled and used to validate the capital asset register.

Pan-African Backbone Network Design and Implementation

Africa Analysis assisted a major pan-African mobile operator in the design and implementation of a restructured pan-African backbone network. We placed two of our analysts on a full-time basis at the client’s head office for an initial period of six months, with one of the analysts remaining with the client for a further 15 months thereafter. The objective was to redesign the pan-African backbone network connecting various country operations, in order to create two key regional and international traffic aggregation nodes and prepare the network for the delivery of wholesale and retail network services to other service providers and large enterprises. Our analysts were key team members tasked with designing the new network and successfully implemented the changes across 16 country operations. As a result, the client was able to generate operational efficiencies, reduce opex through “bulk” purchase of international bandwidth, and begin preparing for expansion of services into the fixed line environment.

WAN RFP Submission Evaluation

A regional financial institution in a southern African country had a need to upgrade its WAN infrastructure to better manage its operations and service its clients. Africa Analysis was retained to assist with preparation of the RFP document (design of the new WAN specifications and the bid process). As part of the project, we conducted interviews with all bidders for the new WAN deployment, evaluated all submissions, and provided our analysis and recommendations as to the top bidders in a written report to the client. Our client used our analysis and recommendations to select an operator for the new WAN deployment.

Pan-African WAN Development Evaluation

A large pan-African commercial bank had a need to deploy a comprehensive WAN to connect its multiple operations across various countries in Africa. Africa Analysis undertook the design of the RFP document in terms of network specifications and assisted the client in evaluating submission against the RFP from large operators, in order to select the optimal solution for the client.

Mobile Tower Infrastructure Funding Analysis

A new tower company in a southern African country retained Africa Analysis to assist it with the preparation of a set of legal contract documents which could be presented to financial institutions for fund sourcing purposes and used to enter into commercial relationships with clients. We undertook an analysis of the business strategy as a background to the project work requirement, which allowed us to develop the set of required documents. Our client used the documents as part of his business case submission to the funding institutions and to initiate discussions with the main operators in the market for locating their active radio equipment on the towers.